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Be in the “Hell & Homefront” Exhibit!

Support “Hell & Homefront: Civil War Through Fulton County Eyes” by sponsoring an artifact from the exhibition.

Surprise someone by adopting an artifact from the permanent collection of the Fulton County Museum in his or her honor or show your pride in Fulton County’s participation in the 150th anniversary of the Civil War by adopting one for yourself. After you adopt, plan an outing to the Fulton County Museum to visit your artifact. All ten of these treasures will be on display.

When you adopt an artifact, we’ll send you (or your friend or loved one) a personalized adoption packet, which includes a certificate of adoption, a picture of your artifact, and a description of its historical significance. In addition, all artifact sponsors have their names listed on a donor label under each artifact AND the satisfaction of knowing that their support benefits the conservation of our artifacts.

Adopting an artifact is fun and easy!

Step 1: Choose an artifact.

Step 2: Click our Buy Now button under the image of the artifact to make a secure tax-deductible donation for the amount shown.


Print of National Soldier’s Memorial  $85.00

Donated to the Society in 1960, this framed lithograph of the National Civil War Soldiers Monument is in its original frame. It has never been conserved, and possibly never been on display before. The print will be isolated from the glass and unknown frame wood, and a vapor barrier will be created on the back of the new frame.  60.31



Print of Andersonville Prison  $125.00

Originally donated by Mr. & Mrs. Don Merrill in 1967, this print, graphically shows the brutal way Ohio soldiers were treated in the Confederate prison. The original frame will be retained, but U.V. Plexiglas and acid free materials will be added to buffer this very fragile print.  67.21




Memorial Print of the 6th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry  $225.00

Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Frank McConkey in 1969, this colorful print recognizes the company of men from Fulton County that served in this unit. A new frame will be included in the preservation of this artifact.  69.4




Memorial Print of the 100th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry  $225.00

Donated by Dorothy Biddle in 1978, this colorful print was owned by Alfred Hill, who was a member of the 100th O.V.I. and survived his time in Andersonville Prison. This will be the first time that this print has been framed for viewing in an exhibition.




Memorial Print owned by Barney Oldfield’s father  $325.00

This print, memorializing the 68th Ohio Regiment Volunteer Infantry, originally belonged to Henry Clay Oldfield, father of the famous race car driver Barney Oldfield, and most likely was displayed proudly in his farm house in Clinton Township, Fulton County OH. If so, the original frame is no longer with the object, and a new frame will be required for this exhibition. This print was donated by Don and Joan Merrill in 1997.  97.20




Print of Abraham Lincoln  $250.00

This original lithograph would have been originally sold in 1861 between Lincoln’s election and first inaugural. Many patriotic Republicans in the United States would have wanted to proudly display Lincoln’s image in their home. The print is not in its original frame, and requires conservation framing.





Print memorializing the 67th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry   $140.00

This print memorializes the 67th O.V.I. and may be in its original frame. The frame will be re-used and buffered to preserve the delicate print inside.   2008.93.2


Artifact Adopted 2011 in Honor of

Robert E. Borton, Jr.


War Record Print of William Westfall, 38th Ohio Volunteer Infantry  $220.00

Probably donated by a descendent of William Westfall (a Fulton County resident) this colorful, hand calligraphy print is one of our few artifacts from this unit. This print has never been framed at the Fulton County Museum.





Kurtz & Allison Print of Gettysburg  $175.00

This print was donated through one of the members of the 6th Ohio Cavalry (the only unit from Fulton County present at the Battle of Gettysburg) and is in poor condition. An existing frame will be re-used and buffered for this colorful lithograph.



Emancipation Proclamation Memorial Print  $350.00

This print was made during Lincoln’s lifetime, and memorializes his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation—freeing all of the slaves in the confederate states. This important color lithograph, a lasting example the freedom won for the enslaved, has never been framed or on display at the Fulton County Museum.




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