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Images of America: Wauseon

by Robert Krumm

$21.99 Plus S & H

Local author details the unique development of Wauseon in new book

Native Americans settled the land that is now known as Wauseon many years before the first white settlers arrived. Arcadia Publishing will release a new pictorial history book by local author Robert Krumm on November 10. Wauseon uses over 200 vintage images to detail the lives of the first residents, the role of the railroads, special events, and the businesses and industries that have shaped Wauseon.


Wauseon became a prosperous town in part because it had three railroads passing through. These railroads connected Wauseon to the rest of the country and brought settlers, cargo and mail. However, when the first train stopped in Wauseon, there were on 15 residents. The book contains many images of rail life like the first trains, a wreck, and the Barnum & Bailey Circus train.


Wauseon highlights some of the major fires that have occurred in Wauseon. Some may remember the 1960 explosion of the junior high school. In 2002, the historic Arcade building, which had been transitioned to small offices and apartments, erupted in flames. Additionally, in 2007, another major fire rocked the town, destroying Doc Holiday’s Restaurant and adjacent buildings.


Robert Krumm documents many more events in Wauseon’s history. He preserves the images of the past so that the history can be remembered in the future.


Highlights of Wauseon include:

·        Images of Wauseon’s first dirt streets with information about how they were maintained.

·        Images from Wauseon’s first homecoming in 1934, and the many homecomings that followed.

·        Images of industries like “the flashlight factory” and the Malleable Iron Works plant.


Book signing at the Depot from 7-9 on November 29th and at the museum on Saturday, December 13 from 10-2.


Available November 10

Delivery before Thanksgiving

$21.99 Plus S & H - Shipped By Priority Mail



The Last Tribe

by Rob Lucarelli

$19.99 Plus S & H

For many thousands of years, indigenous people have lived here prior to contact with Europeans. Many of their trails are now the roads we travel and their village sites became the modern towns we live in today. By 1840, these tribes were reduced to a few dozen wanderers, led by Ottokee, a man who had delivered compelling speeches under the Council Elm... ...about the mistreatment of his people... This book, “The Last Tribe: Ottawas & Overlanders in Ohio’s Oak Openings” by Rob Lucarelli (one of our members), explores little known stories and events from Fulton and Lucas County’s pre-pioneer history.

$19.99 Plus S & H - Shipped By Priority Mail



The Great Black Swamp: Historical Tales of 19th Century Northwest Ohio
by Jim Mollenkopf 

ISBN: 9780966591019
Publisher: Lake of the Cat Publishing
$11.95 Plus S & H -
Shipped By Priority Mail



The Great Black Swamp II: More Historical Tales of Northwestern Ohio
by Jim Mollenkopf

ISBN: 9780966591026
Publisher: Lake of the Cat Publishing
$12.95 Plus S & H -
Shipped By Priority Mail



The Great Black Swamp III: Further Historical Tales of Northwest Ohio
by Jim Mollenkopf

ISBN: 9780966591057
Publisher: Lake of the Cat Publishing
$14.95 Plus S & H -
Shipped By Priority Mail 



Civil War Stories of Northwest Ohio Heroes
by Jim Mollenkopf

ISBN: 9780966591038
Publisher: Lake of the Cat Publishing
$12.95 Plus S & H -
Shipped By Priority Mail 


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Railroad Depots of Northwest Ohio
by Mark J. Camp

ISBN: 9780738534015
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
$19.99 Plus S & H

Chartered as early as 1832, Northwestern Ohio railroads were among the first in the Midwest. Toledo, a rapidly developing lake port at the mouth of the Maumee River, was the destination point for many lines; others were just passing through on their way to Chicago and points west. By 1907, 20 lines served the northwestern counties. All had a series of stations along their lines, often with depots or other railroad structures. Although many have come and gone, Northwest Ohio was once home to over 250 passenger or combination depots serving the traveling public. Railroad Depots of Northwest Ohio relives the golden age of railroad travel through vintage postcards and mid-20th century photos of selected depots and related structures.

Author Bio: Mark J. Camp is a geology professor at the University of Toledo, a lifelong Toledo resident, and a longtime railroad historian. He serves as a national director of the Railroad Station Historical Society.

$19.99 Plus S & H - Shipped By Priority Mail


History of Railroad Depot & Yard  - $1 Plus S & H

$1 Plus S & H - Shipped By Priority Mail


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