It is mid August 2020 and SARS-CoV2 still dominates media coverage. Same as if a Slot Machine would spit money. There is talk of a second wave in the US and some people I know have left the US for the rest of 2020 because they see the country as unsafe. They have not told me whether this is due to the economic slump, the increase in unrest or the continuing Covid 19 pandemic, but they do not want to return to the USA until January 2021 at the earliest. You can see that there is uncertainty in the USA.

Similar to many European countries, there is a heated debate in the USA about the benefits and necessity of a face mask

Although it is primarily the responsibility of the states to ensure or legislate for the wearing of such mouth and nose coverings, many Americans are already wearing such a mask voluntarily. If you want to read more about this topic, just click here:

Surveys show how the acceptance of such face coverings is increasing, and how more and more people are wearing them – now more than three-quarters of all Americans.

However, the individual regions differ from each other, but there are also differences between the sexes, ethnic groups and, above all, basic political attitudes. For example, women wear a face mask more often than men, and non-whites also more often than whites. Furthermore, people in the Northeastern United States seem to wear a face mask particularly frequently, while people in the Midwest would probably be considered what some in German-language media call “mask grouches.

What is fascinating, however, is that the political orientation is strongly reflected in the wearing of such a mask. Such people, who call themselves politically more left-wing, wear a face cover much more often and thus follow the guidelines of state and health authorities than those people who are politically more right-wing. For example, 88% of all American leftists (i.e., Democratic Party supporters) always wear a face mask, as of early August 2020, while only 45% of all rightists (i.e., Republican supporters) do so. The source is a survey by the American Gallup Institute.

The vast majority of Europeans cannot currently travel to the USA, but anyone who sees an American wearing a face mask can predict with a certain degree of probability which party or presidential candidate he or she will most likely vote for – the person wearing the mask chooses Joe Biden, the American Donald Trump, who does not cover his or her face.

To the canadian specialist: Online tested

I have always had a lot to do in the last few years. Children, family, studies, books, medical work and much more – I think many of the readers can well understand the density of life between 30 and 50 years. Life is more like a sprint, and my advice to younger people would be to start planning their children earlier, in order to relieve the density of life in this phase of life.

But it was a good opportunity to drop the Canadian specialist this year. Thanks to the corona virus – no oral exam, and you can now write the written exam from your own laptop. So I discussed everything, and a colleague persuaded and promised to write this exam with me. Well, she backed out, but I will still write the Canadian specialist exam anyway.

I even enjoy the preparation a bit – how much has changed medically in the last years. It never hurts to repeat the treatment of HIV patients, just as a renewed look at the ever-increasing number of diabetes medication does not hurt me.

Furthermore, I have to admit that I don’t take preparation as seriously as I usually do: every day a study load of two to three hours is enough for me, although I started this about 60 days before the exam date.

But how can I imagine writing such an exam from my own laptop? Can I cheat? Well, as it turns out, a person will continuously watch me with the webcam and if there are problems with the internet connection, the exam is considered failed.

This makes me a bit nervous, especially since I’m writing the exam from Germany, and we all know how good the internet is (not). But it will be alright – more than 100 have written the exam so far and all of them succeeded.

So I look forward to September 29 and 30, the two days on which I hope to receive the Canadian specialist. And I will report how it went.


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